The Voice

A vital ingredient in the style, success and popularity of the VB campaign is the voice of the late John Meillon. Meillon was a prominent Australian actor who was known for his role as Walter Reilly in Crocodile Dundee and Crocodile Dundee II. 

Somehow only his raw, honest and passionate delivery can make the now famous words come to life. When Meillon sadly passed away 1989, the campaign was immediately taken off air. However, the Meillon family graciously and generously agreed to allow the use of John’s voice to continue, as it does to the present day. The VB campaign has become a continuing memorial to a wonderful Australian.

This has resulted in some interesting technological developments. The quality of many of the original ‘reads’ has deteriorated. However, digital re-mastering and modern electronic enhancement has meant that not only can the original reads still be used, but lines can be mixed and matched and even individual syllables isolated and re-assembled to create simple new words. For example, John never actually recorded the words “on tap”. But modern technology allowed “on tap” to be constructed from John’s voice.