Silence of the Cans

With noise restrictions becoming an increasing problem for inner-city venues, Victoria Bitter is pleased to introduce the Big Quiet Beer.

Applying a natural polymer to the seal, the pressurised CO2 is released a third of a second slower. This revolutionary technology means that the customary “Tssst-ker-chuk” [official spelling] is now a thing of the past.

Chester Bentleigh from Waterloo in Sydney has given the innovation the seal of approval, "My property portfolio in inner Sydney has recently been impacted by establishments such as the Abbotts Hotel, which for over 100 years has been serving up all varieties of music and entertainment as well as the opening of aluminium receptacles well beyond 8:30pm on weekends."

Steve, a rope technician from Toowoomba wasn't so sure. "Personally, I look forward to the sound of that first hard earned tin opening each weekend. But I completely get that we can't afford for our nightlife to go the same way as Sydney's. So as long as the brew hasn't changed, I'm all for it."

Victoria Bitter's Marketing Manager reassured there was no impact to Victoria Bitter's famous full-flavoured and refreshing taste, but warned that not all noise from pubs or suburban backyards could be eliminated; "Unfortunately there's not much we can do about the waffle coming from XXXX Gold drinkers."

The new Victoria Bitter "Silent Cans" will be quietly released into bottleshops for today only.

Victoria Bitter. The Big Quiet Beer.