September 5, 2012

A letter from our CEO to our Loyal Drinkers

Letter from Ari

Dear Victoria Bitter drinkers,

We’ve heard you… and we’re fixing it

A few years ago, we made several changes to the recipe of your favourite beer. We altered the brewing process and we got it wrong.

But we’ve listened to you – our loyal customers – and now we are determined to make it right. 

Today I’m pleased to announce that we are restoring Victoria Bitter back to the recipe that made it the best cold beer. It will soon be back to its original full flavour, full strength at 4.9%. Victoria Bitter will once again be able to quench your thirst after a hard day’s work, in a way that no other beer is able to.

We will also be bringing back the unmistakeable and iconic packaging – including reinstating the name “Victoria Bitter”. We are doing this because we are proud of the name and proud of its heritage.

So during the course of next month, look out for the Original Big Cold Beer in your local pub and bottle shop, and thank you for your patience.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Ari Mervis

Chief Executive Officer

Carlton & United Breweries